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    Post  Sean (DM) on Mon Sep 24, 2012 5:06 am

    In this post I would like to encourage you to introduce your character. You can simply follow the character sheet layout, filling us in where you filled in the blanks, or you can talk to us in the voice of your own cyberpunk character. I do not expect you to list every skill that you apply points to but consider your strong points and attributes when describing your alter-ego. Feel free to paint me a picture with words or even insert an image (or images) that you like that you think fits you well. What sort of picture do you give to a stranger on the street?
    If you want to create more backstory for your character than just the dice-rolls in your lifepath, feel free to let me know! I can definitely appreciate if you want to roleplay an idea that you came up with, but can't play more than one character. Heck, if each of you want to send me the details of your lifepath rolls, I may be able to fluff up your past and make it a more tangible thing and perhaps even a returning issue for you to face and possibly overcome.
    I will also be finishing up my own roster of NPCs and posting them in another post, so if let me know if you think anyone who your character has history with might be story-worthy. We are all playing the game, albeit from opposite positions, and no one person can make the game on their own.

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