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    Post  Quarok DM on Thu Feb 02, 2012 1:14 pm

    Among the many mountains of the Snowflake Mountain Range sits the town of Shoushi. Its tall towers and spreading gardens speak of simple elegance, and there is little said in passing as people hurry to and from their homes and businesses. The Snowflake Mountains have long been the home of the elves, and there are legends that many people tell in different ways of the magics that formed them into their distinct shape. Among the towns of Southern Oseth, it is not uncommon to see a great multitude of elves and half-elves living and working together. Though most would call the towns of Souther Oseth their home, a great many have began spreading north and even west in search of different cultures and experiences.
    Some legends tell of an ancient race of elves who trapped a great dragon in its lair in the mountains and would perform rituals where they would drink its blood to gain it's magical properties. Other legends simply say that the ancient elves were simply born with magic in their blood, similar to the dragons who live in the mountains. Whichever legend is believed, it cannot be argued that among the peoples of Dereth, the elves hold the strongest magics.

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