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    Minecraft Roleplay Rules

    Quarok DM
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    Minecraft Roleplay Rules Empty Minecraft Roleplay Rules

    Post  Quarok DM on Mon Mar 12, 2012 8:23 pm

    All roleplay is verbal through skype, so make sure you are logged in when on the server.

    All building must have a role play purpose.

    You must have a persona that you roleplay when you are on the server. All out of game talk should be either done through type chat, or say out of game before you say the message.

    If your character dies in the server for any reason other than accidental lava exposure or falling, your character is dead and you must adopt a new persona.

    Back story of world:
    In a nearby village, a new leader is coming to power, and to solidify that power, he is casting out anyone he perceives as a threat into the wilds of the minecraft world.

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